I wish I had known to code…

Like the pain of the mind, unable to put to pen and craft a mesmerizing tale that lies dormant in the head, unable to articulate a captivating story to someone…

Like the anguish of the soul, with much appreciation of nature and of everyday things, yet unable to find poetic words and pretty sounding rhyme to transform appreciation into the art of poetry…

Like the distress of the mute, with all knowledge and towering talent, yet when an ignorant man mumbles can’t find the voice to illuminate the dark minds of many gifted souls…

Like the frustration of the hard-working one, with all interests in perfect curves and mental images of carved out stone, yet could not put the chisel at work and create spectacular sculptures that shall endure and give a glimpse of history to generations that are yet to come.

Like the fumbling of the eager one, who no matter how picturesque is the sight he holds in his mind, yet cannot put his brush to canvas and produce more than rubbish…

I find myself, with many ideas to change the mundane existence of the modern world and craft better ways of achieving things we toil at, yet, my ignorance of how to code, FRUSTRATED.


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