Choose the way you see the world

What drove me to write this post is a profound self-realization of how a dimwit I had recently been. As I listened to one of the executives complain about the manager’s evil machinations, I was getting piqued. I made it a point to confront the manager head on and make an enquiry. Being the soft-spoken person I am, I made a gentle enquiry though fuming inside. But as I listened to him, I realised, I was mislead. As I found my anger shifting its aim, I paused for a moment and examined myself.

That’s exactly when I felt like a dimwit, a foolish football getting tossed around without any scheme. I could see a little light as my veil of ignorance lifted off a little. I began to realise that our actions largely stem from our perception of reality and not the absolute reality itself. Unless we choose consciously the right way of perceiving things, we could be largely deluded into a negative reality by subtle pushes and pulls along the way by invisible forces all around us.

A little push is all it takes for a content bicycler on his way to conceive negative ruminations of everything he has missed by not owning a motorcycle. Recently, the media was accused of covering all the mishaps that happened during the flood relief and made no mentions of a brilliant support system by youngsters and mere civilians effectively using the social platforms.

The way we see our world shapes our reality and ultimately our actions and behaviours. Optimistic behaviour is not necessarily a way we deceive ourselves in the face of adversity or a put up a cowardly face in dealing with it. It’s moving on, taking strength from where we could and being happy for what we envision in the future. Even if it were an illusion to live it, the pleasant experience that it is, is worthy of exploration.

As I finish writing this confused piece of an article, I lay my hands on Before Happiness, a book by Shawn Achor, in which he tries to expound his research on how we could change our realities and make way for happiness. I would write more of it as I finish reading…

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”
― Oprah Winfrey



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