Hello there,

I am Paul.

A few months ago, the greatest ambition of my life was to find a suitable life partner with whom I could share my life. I felt lonely and I was desperate to find someone who would love me and make me feel whole.

It wasn’t that I had nothing to celebrate before that I yearned so much for her. I am blessed with great parents, good friends, I got my MD for one of the top medical schools. Still, there was something lacking and I figured out that if I find a good mate, my life you be complete.

And it happened so. I found the prettiest and most awesome person I’ve ever met and married her. We’ve been married for a few months now and my life has changed for the better since then.

After the initial highs of a post marriage experience, I come to this harsh reality. Now I have a family! There are so many decisions to make…from choosing the right career to ensuring stable finances for my family, from buying a car to planning vacations, from choosing restaurants to try out to ensuring the right diet etc…

Armed with books and the power of the internet, I sought to gain the knowledge and wisdom I need to enable me to be successful in this role as a family man. But most of the information available is confusing! Worse, information is often biased to favour someone else!

So I decided to craft this site to study all the skills I need to accomplish my goals in life. I don’t promise I am going to solve the world’s problems. I am going to learn from a lot of sources, try them, personalise them and share my experiences with a larger audience. At the outset, let me make this clear. I am not here to sell my product. I am not solely interested in increasing the traffic to my site. I am looking forward to creating value and connect with those of similar mindsets.

Looking forward,



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