What’s so awesome about Strikingly!

It’s just two days since I signed up at Strikingly (a beautiful website building and hosting service). It’s quite fascinating, the ease with which you could create beautiful websites in just a matter of minutes. But in just two days, there was something more strikingly awesome than the web development experience!

I got a mail from the CEO, David Chen, offering to meet over a cup of coffee! It seems, they have resolved to meet 100 customers over coffee! Isn’t that so awesome! I mean, it really lit me up. That’s such a wonderful gesture and a great way to study customer expectations and satisfaction. I firmly believe when you put the customer to the front, you are highly likely to succeed. It becomes a win-win solution for the team to see happy customers. It would boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

And what’s more, on the second day I got a mail from their “Happiness Officer” offering to help me if I got stuck! Happiness Officer? Wow!

I think there’s a lot to learn from these guys. Seriously, such a contagious work culture left me so happy all day. Strikingly’s model of work culture is highly motivating. Great way to go! You got a happy customer!

Image by Tetyana Kovyrina


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Three things I learnt about learning !

1. Learning does not exhaust you

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